Planning Board to Discuss Boulevard One Residential Zoning

May 28, 2014

Zoning applications for the first residential areas in the Boulevard One neighborhood will be discussed by the Denver Planning Board on Wednesday, June 4. The meeting starts at 3 p.m. An agenda will be posted here prior to the meeting.

The three applications address single family detached and single family attached neighborhoods within Boulevard One, previously known as Buckley Annex. The applications are posted here.

Lowry has been developed to date in accordance with the former Denver zoning code, but Boulevard One will be subject to the new code. In order to ensure that Boulevard One development patterns are consistent with the rest of Lowry, the Lowry Redevelopment Authority requested several waivers/conditions in the zoning applications. One area that the City would not support waivers/conditions was related to parking.

Fortunately, at Lowry, parking ratios can be managed through the community design guidelines. The guidelines, posted here, set minimum parking ratios consistent with the old code. For single family detached and single family attached homes, the guidelines allow for 2 spaces per unit.

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