Boulevard One Construction Notice

April 21, 2014

The Lowry Redevelopment Authority (LRA) has started horizontal development of the first Boulevard One neighborhood south of First Avenue, between Monaco Parkway and Pontiac Street. This involves site grading, installation of wet utilities (water mains, storm water, sanitary sewer) and construction of new roads.

This activity will affect First Avenue at times this year, as new roads and utilities are connected and the south side of the street is improved. Traffic flow will be maintained during this work. Thank you in advance for your

Here is a summary of work scheduled for this year:

April: Utility Installation
Water pipes are being connected to a water main in several First Avenue intersections. The project should be complete by April 18.

Late May to Early June: Utility Installation
Storm water pipes will be installed on the south side of First Avenue in two locations: between Monaco Parkway and Magnolia Street; and at Oneida Court. This work is expected to take several weeks.

June-July: Road Work
New roads will be connected from Boulevard One to First Avenue. The green construction fencing will be replaced. Work will affect the south side of First Avenue at Magnolia Street, Niagara Street, Newport Street, Oneida Street and Oneida Court.

August-October: Utility and Streetscape Work
Overhead utilities on the south side of First Avenue will be removed, and new utilities buried.
The south side of First Avenue will be improved, with a new sidewalk, street trees and bicycle lane.

We will strive to minimize inconvenience during this work. For any questions, please contact Hilarie Portell, public relations and marketing director, at 303.326.7102 or For more information about Boulevard One, please visit