News from April 13, 2017
  • New Rowhome Model Open
  • Orion Series Open for Sales Now
  • Major Parks Under Construction
  • Boulevard One Makes Public Art a Way of Life

News from February 9, 2017
  • Quebec Street Traffic Notice
  • Brisk Home Sales at Boulevard One

News from January 25, 2017
  • 2017 a Banner Year for Boulevard One
  • Luxury Apartments Designed
  • Latsis Custom Homes Wins MAME Award
  • Community Park Artist Selected

News from November 15, 2016
  • GO Builders Breaks Ground
  • Improvements Along Monaco Parkway
  • Thrive Home Builders Wins Grand Award from U.S. Dept. of Energy
  • Infinity Home Collection Gains MAME Award
  • KUH Nearing Completion of First Rowhome Building
  • Drop by for a Self-Guided Tour

News from September 21, 2016
  • Model Home and Sales Center to Open Oct. 29
  • Exclusive Park Front Homes
  • Buckley Row Sales Opening
  • Breaking Ground on Rowhomes
  • Custom Home Construction Underway
  • What's Your Driving IQ?

Buckley Row Sales Opening Event on 8.27.16

Koelbel Frame Walk Event on 8.6.16

News from June 6, 2016
  • Park-Front Homes Offered from Berkeley Homes and Harvard Communities
  • First Homebuilder Sold Out
  • Boulevard One Parks Taking Shape
  • Eleven Homebuilders Now Active at Boulevard One
  • Progress Starts With Earth Moving
  • What's That Mountain Doing There?
  • Same road. Same rules.

News from March 22, 2016
  • First Condominiums in the Works
  • Rowhomes from Koelbel Urban Homes
  • Zero Energy Homes from Thrive Home Builders Under Construction
  • So Much Going on at Boulevard One!
  • Wall Custom Homes Reveals Designs

News from February 25, 2016
  • Kelmore Development Joins Team
  • Sneak Peek at Community Park
  • Kiva Completed
  • Rowhomes from Koelbel Urban Homes Break Ground

News from February 10, 2016
  • Multimodal Highlights for Boulevard One and Lowry
  • Berkeley Homes Grand Opening
  • Mixed-Use Zoning Update

News from December 2015
  • Single-Family Homes from Wonderland Homes
  • Rowhomes from Koelbel Urban Homes
  • Collections from Berkeley + Harvard Homes Available
  • Latsis Custom Homes Break Ground
  • Rowhomes from East West Partners and BuildMark
  • Last Chance for the Infinity Homes Vue Collection

News from October 2015
  • Affordable Housing at Boulevard One
  • Affordable Apartments
  • For-Sale Affordable Rowhomes
  • Developer Chosen for Luxury Apartments

News from Sept. 2015
  • Smart, Sustainable Landscapes Taking Shape
  • Art and Improvements Along Monaco and 1st Ave.
  • Plans for Six New Parks Finalized

News from July 2015
  • Introducing Alto from Infinity Homes
  • “Wildlife Weave” Sculpture Underway
  • Meet Our Custom Home Builders
  • Mixed-Use Zoning Approved

New Rowhome Model Open

Stop by Boulevard One’s newest model from East West Partners and BuildMark Development, located at Newport Street and Lowry Boulevard. Five homes are available, starting at $850k. For more information, visit or contact Evan Miller, 303.601.1855, and Amy Cesario, 303.995.3180.

Conceptual image

Orion Series Open for Sales Now

KUH Orion rowhomes feature high-end designs and finishes, and start in the $600s. For more information, visit the sales center at 6708 E. Lowry Boulevard, call Jason at 303.300.8789 or see

Conceptual image



Visit Koelbel Urban Homes. Contact Jason Williams, 303.300.8789.

Major Parks Under Construction

We’re moving earth, planting trees, and carving the pathways that will shape Boulevard One’s 13 acres of public parks and open space.

Community Park

Scheduled for completion late this year, the 5.5-acre community park will foster a sense of community, with new trees, art, play area and natural space. The park is expected to be a social and recreational center for Boulevard One.

SW Neighborhood Park

This 0.8-acre neighborhood park showcases the community’s heritage by integrating the Air Force medallion that once adorned an Air Force administration building. Engraved quotes in a tiered sandstone wall will flank the medallion and reflect the diverse voices of citizens who helped transform Lowry Air Force Base into a new community. Scheduled for completion late this year, the park also honors the original farmland by featuring kitchen herbs, berries and apples.

Conceptual image

For more info, see the parks overview at

Boulevard One Makes Public Art a Way of Life

Most development teams have an urban planner, engineer, real estate and marketing folks. At Boulevard One, the design team includes a public artist.

“We wanted to make art a part of daily life, integral to placemaking from day one,” says Hilarie Portell, public art director. Denver artist David Griggs participated in planning sessions, envisioning how people would navigate through the neighborhood on a daily basis. Griggs then identified places at Boulevard One that would serve as markers, shelters, links, hearths and views.

The first installation, “Wildlife Weave” by Robert Tully, on the Monaco berm , enhances an overlook with sculptures and wild bird habitat.

Griggs designed the “Urban Kiva” as a small neighborhood gathering place.

Marold art 1

Conceptual Image

Patrick Marold is working on the “Sun Silo” as a prominent marker in the community park that will cast interesting shadows day and night. And Griggs will install a memorial in the southwest neighborhood park dedicated to people who helped transform Lowry into a new community.

Artist Patrick Marold and urban designer Jamie Fogle

Check out our new photo gallery filled with recent shots of homes, parks and progress at Boulevard One!

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